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The Mom & Caregiver Magazine is the longest standing, largest reaching parenting magazine in London Ontario and surrounding areas, available at 650 locations for over 20 years. Our publication strongly believes in giving back to the community, while providing valuable insight for childcare and local parenthood enthusiasts. Sign up for your free online subscription with the link below!

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The Mom & Caregiver is much more than a parenting magazine. It's a hub for lots of great content, including Social Media Giveaways, our Captured Moments photo contest, as well as Local News and Events for parenting and childcare enthusiasts. Check back regularly for the latest on parenting issues and discussion, or revisit some of the timeless content in our back issues.

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Praise from our readers

The magazine is a resource magazine that mothers/fathers can relate to. It is full of suggestions, activities and local businesses to help out with everyday parenting.

~ Bernadine K.

The fact that the Mom & Caregiver offers incredible local news, advertising and informative articles at no cost to families is absolutely incredible! What an amazing asset to the London area!

~ Pauline S.

We enjoy all the local advertisements and calendar of events.  It's so great to have a local magazine from our home town that is so informative about family events, menu planning and great advice.

~ Elena R.

What's amazing about The Mom & Caregiver magazine is that it is FREE, London- based, and located in so many areas where parents are available to grab one. It reflects on everyday parenting and the tools we can benefit from, as well as share amongst one another. It also connects  with the community to find useful resources for parents. It's an all around very useful magazine. Not to mention, various contests - the answers/ comments to the contests are not only for a great prize, but very insightful - a very smart way of educating readers, as well involving us in good fun.

~ Nak T.

I love the magazine, articles and giveaways, and seeing all the cuties on the front cover!

~ Rhea T.

Great, insightful articles, and helpful suggestions for parents.  I like knowing what's new in the kid world as far as places to go and things to see as a family.

~ Jody W.

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