Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Differences Between Nannies And Mother's Helpers?

Nannies have several years of childcare experience. Nannies are not necessarily seeking a cultural exchange; rather, it is the long-term career-building experience in childcare they are seeking. A Mother's Helper is when a Nanny is hired to assist the mother with childcare and household needs. The mother is in the home the majority of the time.

What Is The "Going Rate" For A Nanny?

Each Nanny has different qualifications, education, and wage expectations. The average rate is between $14.00 and $17.00 per hour. The rate may depend on the number of children you will be responsible for, and if there is any cleaning involved in the position.

Can The Parent Request A Trial Day With The Nanny Before Making A Decision?

We suggest a few days for the potential Nanny to come to the home and spend time with the child. This is beneficial to the family as well to the Nanny. It gives the parent the chance to see how the Nanny interacts with the child and gives the Nanny the opportunity to decide if she would enjoy the position and feel comfortable in your home.

Should I Sign A Contract As A Nanny?

Yes, either the parent or you should provide some form of a contract, which will outline your Hours, Rate of Pay, Review Dates, and Responsibilities.

Can I Refer A Friend To London Caregivers Referral Network For A Job?

Yes – We appreciate any referrals you give London Caregivers. Simply click here to submit their name and email address. We will contact them on your behalf.

What Do I Bring To An Interview, After I've Passed The Phone Screening?

A) Resume outlining the following:

Nanny / Child Care related jobs

Age of the children you cared for

How long you were with that position

Activities that you performed on the job

Written references, or a list of references (the parents will be calling these)

B) A mock schedule/outline of a typical "8am - 4:30pm day", for example, caring for two children a 4 year old and a 1 year old (or the age bracket that you specialize in).

C) Any examples that demonstrate why you would be a good Nanny.

D) Certificates e.g., education, CPR, first aid, criminal check, drivers license.

Should I Complete A Trial Run With A New Family Before Making A Decision?

A) A family may request that you "shadow" their old Nanny, or do a trial few days on the job – (This is so that they can see how you will interact and benefit their family.) A trial run will also let you decide if this is the right family for you. You should only accept this trial if you are 99% positive that this is the right family match for you!

B) We recommend that you participate in a trial period, if requested; it will demonstrate your desire to obtain the position.

C) You should be paid if the trial is more than 2 full days.

Who is responsible for screening, verifying information, qualifying and determining the suitability before choosing to hire any prospective caregiver ?

This is the responsibility of the parent. Please read our disclaimer for more information.


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